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Hello fellow book lovers!


I recently discovered this site (I used only goodreads before) and so far I love it. I hope to find like-minded people and friends.


I'm Armenian (thought I live in Russian Federaion), cat person (my pet is named after Dorian Grey), coffee addict, book nerd (obviously, duh), introvert, yoga enthusiasts and traveller (on occasions).

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Aches, Pains, and Love: A Guide to Dating and Relationships for Those With Chronic Pain and Illness
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Wanted - Kelly Elliott I've been warned by Universe (aka goodreads' users who gave 1 stars ratings to this book) but I didn't listen. But it was free on Amazon Kindle Store so I was like - I'll give it a try, why not?

But after 24% I was like:

At the point of 42% I've got enough of this so I stopped. Life is too short to torture myself with bad books.
I'll overoll my opinion about the characters, writing, plot etc be this image: